Careers Advice

Welcome to careers advice, here at Shawthorpe we can offer a CV writing service, please visit our CV Writing page to find out more, however we are here to advise and support you through your career change. There are lots of things to consider when seeking a new career or progressing towards another role, some of these need high consideration and maybe some things you have not thought of.

  • Assess what kind of career you want and consider the changes

Generally there is certain aspects as to why people wish for a career change, some of them are as followed:

Poor management, this is one of the biggest reasons, feeling under valued for the work you undertake.

You have a passion that you wish to pursue.

Job is just not challenging enough and seeking something more, feel stuck in a rut.

Work life balance has changed, you may wish to spend more time with a hobby or family and so may want a less challenging position.


  • Consider your personality and transferable skill sets

If you decide that you need a more radical change, the first step is to discover more about yourself and to make sure that the change will take you in a positive direction.  Consider your personality, skills, values and interests.  There are some excellent self-assessment tools available online or you might prefer to simply sit with a piece of paper and write down the areas of your life that bring you the greatest feelings of fulfilment and then a second piece of paper with everything that you actively dislike.  Whichever method you choose, the important aspect is really the act of assessing yourself.  Remember to question all of your own assumptions – are you really who you think you are?


  • What constraints do you have

What are the barriers to your career change?  If you need to retrain completely this may come with a significant time and/or financial commitment.  Avoid falling into the trap of thinking constraints are impossible barriers though.  There may be ways to overcome your personal issues – can you retrain in the evenings or using distance learning?  Can you save in order to afford a career break?  Can you negotiate part-time hours for a short period in order to focus on developing new skills?  Consider the long game – you may decide it’s worth any short-term difficulties in order to gain long-term satisfaction.


  • Explore options

Online career assessment tools may help you to create a long list of opportunities that fit well with your self-assessment or you may already have some ideas of career areas that interest you.  Create a list of all the occupations you wish to explore then try to narrow this down to a list of about 5 strong possibilities and begin to look into each of them in depth.

  • Read job descriptions for each role – what qualifications and experience are required? What are the typical salaries?  Hours?  Will the role fit in with your lifestyle?
  • Compare your shortlist to your network. Do you have any contact with people working in these areas already?  If not, make contact with people working in these fields.  LinkedIn or company websites can be very helpful
  • Conduct information interviews. Most people find it flattering to be approached for advice on how to get into a similar field of work and will be willing to offer you some of their time.  Try to find out the reality of the role, the good and the bad points


  • Create and action plan

The hardest part is deciding to start! So just start! Once you know which career path to take that matches what you are looking for then your next step is how, do you need to apply for training courses? Do you need to adapt your CV? Write a full plan, be specific with your actions and you will more likely be successful in achieving where you want to be


And lastly do not fear change, so many people avoid making a career change is down to the fear of change or failure, staying in a role which does not fulfil you is still making a decision, just not the one which will make a positive difference.  Making a successful career change can have a very positive effect on your life so choose to begin exploring your options today and, who knows, by this time next year you could be in a very different place.