Finding The Right People For The Right Role

Here at Shawthorpe, we have plenty of connections to many businesses and different sectors in Telford, with maintenance jobs being available at many of them. Maintenance workers, also known as repair workers fix and maintain equipment, buildings and machinery that is being used by the rest of the business.

Some of the roles available can be highly specialized, for example you may be required to maintain machines that only a limited number of people have the knowledge and skills to do so, whilst others are more general. However the roles can be crucial to ensuring a business runs at maximum efficiency, which helps the business meet its production targets.

Maintenance roles can include:

  • Machinery maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Maintenance assistant
  • Maintenance manager / coordinator
  • Property maintenance
  • Maintenance engineer

Typical tasks can include:

  • Undertaking repairs and maintenance duties
  • Identifying any potential issues and liaising with specialist contractors to get them repaired.
  • Interpersonal skills as you may have to work with a maintenance team, or relay maintenance issues to management.
  • Carrying out routine works and scheduled tasks
  • Some companies may require traveling to different locations to fix issues.
  • Testing and inspection of equipment and scheduling in checks such as electrics, gas, fire alarms etc.
  • Installing new machinery when needed.

Candidates for these roles often need the following attributes:

  • Ability to work to your own initiative and as a team
  • Working methodically and with attention to detail
  • Interpersonal skills and the ability to relay important information to different stakeholders who may have varying technical knowledge.
  • Some require a driving license to enable travel between sites
  • As these roles can be quite active a certain level of fitness may be required.
  • Computer skills – increasingly IT is used in the workplace to assist with maintenance e.g. logs, schedules etc.
  • Many do require previous experience, or demonstrable knowledge of certain machinery and processes though we will discuss this with you before putting your forward for any role.

Maintenance roles can be very rewarding jobs as you are often crucial to ensuring a business can continue operating. There is also a great deal of flexibility with part-time, full-time and contractor and temporary roles available. Many maintenance roles also tend to operate on a shift pattern during the day so day shifts and night shifts can be available to fit in with your schedule.

Why choose Shawthorpe Recruitment?

Shawthorpe Recruitment is a professional recruitment agency based in Telford in Shropshire in the West Midlands and we serve the entirety of the UK. Our agency is built on four core values and a unique selling point – honesty, consistency, dependability and reliability, whilst our USP is that we take the time to have a chat and interview every single candidate before submitting you for any roles.

During the interview we will find out about your skill set, the types of maintenance jobs in Telford you may be interested in, what you see as your career direction in the future as well as understanding your personality. From here we will then match you up with roles at companies we work with that we feel match your skill set and that your personality will be an ideal fit for the company.

As you may be in the early stages of your job search, you may be thinking your first port of call should be the job board websites such as Indeed, Reed and Monster. Whilst these can be a good way to see what types of vacancies are available there are additional reasons why you should come to a recruitment agency to help.

Many of these boards allow businesses to set up profiles and post jobs as they wish but this can pose difficulties. For example, businesses may post roles on there just to see who might apply in the job market, without having a concrete intention of hiring and we have also heard stories of businesses accidentally leaving vacancies open on the website, even after they have been filled!

Not only this, the job boards can show quite a large number of roles for search queries which may not be the exact fit for your skill set, which can make going through them confusing, overwhelming and with the issues above disheartening if you are looking for a specific role.

At Shawthorpe, for many of the businesses we list vacancies for, we also provide a full HR service. We feel this gives us a unique advantage as we have taken the time to understand the employers needs as well and have built a relationship with them. As a result the vacancies we have are genuine and need to be filled.

If you would like to work with us to plan your next career move, you can speak to our friendly team by calling 01952 263973 or email You can also go through to our free app to submit all your personal details and your CV so that we can get started even quicker.