Allowing Your Business To Reach Its Full Potential

Human Resources is an essential part of your company whatever your size. In our role as recruitment specialists, we are perfectly placed to know the individual challenges faced by companies of all sizes and know from experience that outsourcing HR services can free up a lot of much-needed time to focus on what you do best. We feel this added external HR support along with our specialist recruitment service runs hand in hand to vastly improve the way your business works. This can impact both your bottom line and future allowing you to maintain a strong reputation in your industry whilst ensuring your company continues to grow and develop. Our HR solutions follow strict CIPD guidelines to offer full support to any company that may not have a dedicated HR department, allowing your business to reach its full potential:

HR Advice & Support

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We are here to support and guide you to put the correct policies and procedures in place and help you adhere to all the current legislation you need to in order to help your business run smoothly. Our CIPD membership allows us to constantly update our skills and knowledge to provide the best HR service for you. As part of our experienced HR consulting services, expert on-call advice and support are also offered, whatever issues your company may face.

After all, we know that employees are the single biggest asset to any organization, so protecting their wellbeing is of utmost importance.

We provide our HR consultancy services across Shropshire and the West Midlands, including Telford, Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth and Wolverhampton.

Conducting Disciplinary Actions

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However smoothly your business is run, we know that occasionally an issue may arise with a member of staff which, if handled inappropriately, could have serious consequences for your business such as poor reputation, loss of valuable employees and potentially big fines.

That’s why it is important to have expert guidance on disciplinary actions to ensure they are handled appropriately and have positive results for both you and any employees involved.

Updating Policies, Handbooks or Contracts of Employment

Keeping your business up to date …

In any business, company policies need updating yearly as the organization changes or when new legislation comes into force. A policy may also need updating as a reaction to an occurrence. HR should always be consulted regarding these decisions. It is the job of our HR policy consultants to make the official changes to policies that no longer serve your employees or company. Keeping your business up to date and compliant at all times can save you from potential legal actions as well as ensure all employees are aware of what is expected from them and where they stand on any number of issues they may encounter.

As part of our human resource solutions, company handbooks can be devised and maintained in close consultation with you and your team, along with Contracts of Employment and any communication to changes of an employee’s contract in writing.

Maintaining Employee Records

Maintaining employee records is something that is mandated by law …

These records assist you as an employer to identify skill gaps to help with the hiring process among many other administrative uses.

As part of employee wellbeing and emergency protocol, well-maintained employee records ensure that should anything happen, an emergency contact and any personal information needed is held for each employee. Our trusted HR consultancy services closely adheres to the latest GDPR rules and allows for the meticulous upkeep of important records.

Conducting Benefit Analysis

Ensuring you stay competitive in your field …

Whatever your industry, the ability to attract skilled new team members and keep current employees engaged is one of the best ways to stay competitive as a business. Many new recruits look at how a company displays its benefits in order to make an informed decision and may accept lesser pay elsewhere if they think they will find more attractive benefits on offer. By outsourcing HR services, you gain an industry-wide viewpoint to ensure you stay competitive in your field.

As experienced recruiters, we know what the top new talent is looking for and can help your company to appear the best on the table to new recruits as well as allow you to increase employee satisfaction for current valued staff. We routinely investigate similar companies to see if their benefits are compatible and use this information to inform our HR guidance.

Career Growth

Guiding employees to reach their full potential …

When growing and developing as a business, it is a smart choice to keep your best and most loyal employees with the company. Our HR solutions can provide career paths to help guide each employee to a long future within your company.

We can check in periodically to further guide employees on their career paths and coming from our unique position as experienced HR and career-building specialists, know the best ways to motivate your employees to reach their full potential within your company and increase company loyalty.

Performance Management

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Engaged employees are crucial for any business to ensure everyone is contributing towards the goals of the business. As part of our HR support services, we provide a comprehensive management plan to show you how to maximize employee potential and support the management of any employee that may be underperforming.

By utilizing our HR services you’ll have peace of mind and the assurance that your business is in capable hands, allowing you to dedicate time to other essential areas. Our aim, regardless of size or industry, is to help maintain a strong reputation both within and outside of your business to ensure your company keeps growing and developing in the future.