If you are a small business without an in-house HR team, perhaps you have recently experienced a growth in business and expanded your team or have simply decided that an in-house team is not for you, you may discover a whole new world of small business HR problems.

Businesses without a HR service may struggle to cope with things such as producing employee handbooks or contracts of employment or dealing with disciplinary action impartially. Engaging in the services of a HR consulting service for small businesses can help take the stress out of human resources and allow you to focus on whatever it is that you do best.

Here are some of the many small business HR problems an external HR service can solve.

Lack of Knowledge Surrounding Small Business Employment Law

Whether you have been running your business for years or are taking a new venture, employment law is key to making your business run smoothly. When using a HR service for your business, you’ll get access to in-depth knowledge of employment law and regulations relating to your business to ensure best practice is being observed at all times. HR support services for small businesses handle everything from contracts to dismissals to ensure everything is done to strict legal requirements to protect both you and your employees. A recent priority for many small businesses has been the introduction of new GDPR guidelines, that must be followed to avoid strict sanctions or fines. A good HR service will be well-versed in GDPR guidelines and will be able to guide you through the legal minefield to ensure all proper processes are followed and all employees aware of what is expected.

Getting the Right People on Board

Job descriptions, employee handbooks, company policies and employee benefits are all part of the process of getting the right people on board with your business. HR services can lend an expert hand at making this process run smoothly, using valuable experience to attract the top talent and perfect the hiring process for your business. With a long history in recruitment, Shawthorpe know how to match the best candidate with the right role. We also know what those top candidates are looking for in a business and in a role so are perfectly placed to perfect your hiring process, showcasing your company benefits in the best possible light to attract the perfect employees to make your business run like clockwork.

Optimising Employee Performance

As part of a small business without an in-house HR team, employee performance and development might not have as high priority as it could do due to time restraints. An external HR service for small businesses could be ideal in solving this issue and developing your employees to their full potential. As a dedicated HR service with a long history of recruitment, we know just what your employees need to succeed and the very best ways to encourage them to develop within your company and become a valuable asset. We can map out training plans personalised to individual employees and identify the exact training needs of your business to help you thrive. Showing that you as a company can help an employee grow can be key to employee retention so this is an important element of HR for small businesses many don’t prioritise.

Professional Handling of Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures

As a small business without a HR service, sometimes it is difficult to remain completely impartial when it comes to complaints or disciplinary procedures. Personal relationships and inexperience of business protocols can sometimes lead to a less-than-desirable process and outcome, leaving some small businesses vulnerable to legal action. An external HR service can be perfect for small businesses looking for an impartial and professional way to handle any complaints or disciplinary procedures that may arise, leaving all parties involved satisfied with the outcomes and all legal requirements fully fulfilled.

If you are looking for expert HR consulting services, get in touch with the specialists at Shawthorpe. With years of experience consulting with businesses large and small, we know how to make your business work like clockwork, leaving you to focus on making your business a success. To find out more about our HR services for small businesses, visit our HR consultancy information page.