Get ready to meet and greet……A LOT!
Small talk is a great way of colleagues getting to know you, so be prepared to answer certain questions such as ‘what will you be doing for us’ where have you previously worked’ ‘where do you live’ Come up with a short introduction about yourself.

Always ask for help
Do not be a know it all If you are struggling to complete any tasks even simple ones like turning on the computer just ask! This goes a long way with you colleagues and your boss, the less you ask and less you know the more you will waste time by ignoring the problem!

Be positive and smile!
Coming across with a smile goes such a long way, we have all heard the saying ‘smile and the world smiles with you’ Positivity really does rub off, so make sure you leave a great lasting impression on your first day!

Memorise the rules
It is so important to fully read your contract, from rules regarding clothing, lunch times, where to eat and safe guarding practices, working hours and social media, do not fall on small hurdles at the beginning, show that you respect all the rules and again as stated above if you are not sure… ask!

Make an effort without trying ‘too hard’
Do not try too hard to make friends or impress, the fact that you are there in the first place means that you have impressed them already, be proud how far you have come already, so you do not need to be over the top with colleagues or bosses, play it cool too!

Turn up on time and be prepared to stay late
This is quite an obvious one, turning up late on your first day is a huge no no! It will be an immediate black mark against you and this will be remembered! We also know in this day and age and how businesses are running the reality of going home on time, all the time is not a reality, so if the business needs you, stick around, help, this goes a long way and you never know when you need a favour returning one day if you need to leave early in the future! Set your standards high!

Stay out of drama
Most office environments will have at times their fair share of tension, its inevitable spending so much time with the same people, remain professional and do not get involved with other colleagues drama, it is not your battle and you do not want to be seen as the one attracting or getting involved with certain issues, stay away do not get involved! Simple!

Good body language
Your body language says a lot about a person, so always be mindful of this and always give across an enthusiastic happy to be here impression!

Dress to impress
Read the rules, and maybe worth contacting HR on an example of what and what not to wear, for example you do not want to wear a power suit while everyone else is in smart jeans and t shirt, you will then come across as unapproachable and intimidating. Get a real understanding prior to you starting!

Do not overshare
The worst thing you can do is reveal too much and start spilling intimate secrets on your first day, no matter how well you are getting on with someone keep certain things to yourself and do not take conversations too far! You do not want anything you share to be used against you in the future, remain professional.

Above all relax and enjoy!
Above all relax smile and enjoy! Put a smile on your face, keep your chin up and be proud that you have got this far!