In the digital age, one thing is almost guaranteed when you are applying for a new job. Your potential employer will google you and check how you appear on social media.

There are a few things you can do to ensure you pass this stage with flying colours. Follow our quick tips below to build a professional online presence and impress your potential employers before you walk into the interview.

Using Linkedin to Boost Your Online Presence

Linkedin is an increasingly popular platform for business professionals. Many people use this as a direct hiring platform and a way to take a look at a candidate’s working history before they make their decision.
There are a few things you can do to create a professional-looking Linkedin profile.

Ask Colleagues to Offer a Recommendation Online

Nothing is more impressive than real recommendations to improve your online presence. A Linkedin endorsement from someone you have worked with will show future employers you are at the top of your game and respected by managers and peers.

A recent recommendation is ideal for making your online profile stand out so take every opportunity to reach out for feedback from colleagues.

Make Sure Your Profile Picture and Cover Image Look Professional

Remember, Linkedin is a platform for business professionals. You should craft your online image as such. Ensure your profile image is a clear headshot and as up to date as possible. This is the ‘name-to-a-face’ your employers will be looking for, so make sure it is clear and of high quality.

Fill Out Your Linkedin Profile

Alongside your profile image, one of the first things people will see when visiting your Linkedin page is your bio. Here you should craft a professional summary of your skills and experience. Write a clear and concise bio about why you are the best at what you do in a few lines to impress anyone viewing your page. Linkedin offers some great tips on writing a bio here.

Your profile is also a brilliant place to showcase some of your top skills and achievements. Here, you can list industry-relevant certifications and qualifications, as well as a brief summary of your employment history.

Creating an Online Presence on Linkedin

As with other social media platforms, engaging with your peers on Linkedin can help build your appearance online. Share success stories, connect with your employers and congratulate where deserved. You never know who could see and be impressed.

Review your Facebook Page

One of the most important steps in crafting a professional online presence is doing a review of your Facebook profile to ensure there is nothing there that could put off a potential employer. If your social media profiles are part of your online identity, then be sure to take the following steps to create a professional profile on Facebook. One of the first steps is to set your profile to private. This will ensure you have complete control over who sees what on your profile. Review your profile content for embarrassing or questionable images. Employers may approach Facebook knowing it is a personal platform, but if there is anything on there you wouldn’t want to discuss at work, remove or hide it. Check your profile picture and cover image. Your profile picture is often the first, and sometimes only, part of your Facebook profile someone will see. Whilst this does not have to be a formal shot, you should avoid any inappropriate images that may reflect badly on you. If the company you would like to work with has a Facebook page, like the page and take a look around. A personal connection is worth everything when it comes to gaining knowledge of the company.

Creating a Professional Twitter

You may not have used Twitter for years, but your school days tweets of ‘OMG LOL’ will be the first thing visible on your Twitter profile. Even if you frequently use the platform, a quick clean-up is a perfect step towards building your professional online presence. An engaged, professional-looking Twitter is a brilliant way to improve your online appearance. As with Facebook, if your potential employer is active on Twitter, follow the company page and engage with their tweets. Use this as an opportunity to take a look at what they offer. Engaging with the brand they have created online offers insider knowledge you can then refer to in an interview.

Google Yourself

Type your name into your search engine of choice. What comes up? Part of your online presence is what is visible through a quick internet search. If you work in industries such as PR or Marketing, do examples of your work show up in the results? A quick review of search engine results from your name may show up something you hadn’t thought of and you can adjust these accordingly as part of your web presence audit.

Create a Personal Website or Blog

Depending on your industry, creating a personal website or blog could be an ideal way to create a strong online presence. Designers, writers or marketers could benefit from creating an online portfolio to showcase professional work.

This can be a good way to show employers you are confident in what you do and can be linked to your Linkedin profile to solidify your online brand and presence. An ‘about me’ page on your website can also offer potential employers an insight into who you are as a person.

Why is Creating a Professional Online Presence Important?

Building an online presence that appears professional is the perfect way to show potential employers that you are the ideal candidate for the job before you even get invited to an interview. Use our steps to creating a professional profile and you will be on your way to your dream career.

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