High staff turnover can cost a business significant-high sums as we all scramble to keep and recruit new talent. High turnover can also fuel staff disgruntlement and lower morale.

When asked this common question recently, working within the Recruitment and HR world it is now more than ever important to listen to your employees, and understand perks and benefits, I truly believe this is the key for staff staying within their roles longer and not only this feeling appreciated!

According to a recent survey behind salary were benefits and perks of why someone would choose a company, some rated this behind salary and promotional opportunities!

Here I have listed 10 work perks that came out on top in a recent survey!

  1. Job stability (54 per cent)
  2. Private Medical Insurance (50 per cent)
  3. Flexible working arrangements (41 per cent)
  4. Strong mental health and wellbeing policies (36 per cent)
  5. Performance recognition (35 per cent)
  6. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace (34 per cent)
  7. Parental leave policies (33 per cent)
  8. Social interaction in the workplace (33 per cent)
  9. Extensive career development opportunities (32 per cent)
  10. Organisation has strong policies on social and environmental issues (31 per cent)

Employee benefits do not need to cost a fortune, you can even offer Free Tea and Coffee, rather than a costly automatic vending machine.

Surprise and delight, this really can show the culture of your business and delights staff with Ice Cream on a hot day to include Pizza days treat even leaving these on employee’s desks!

We believe by building an employee benefits package that is well structured and aims to look after your staff, you will be well on your way to recruiting and retaining your best employees!

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