This subject of the “trans issue” is seemingly at the forefront of debates and discussions about trans rights, this can be a minefield for employers, the key is simply to get it right.

Firstly, let’s look at policies, we have many in the workplace, and adding a trans policy signals a trans-inclusive business, however, please note policies on their own cannot complete the picture, implementing the inclusion of trans people into the business culture is a question of deeds and not words.

Shawthorpe’s 3 top tips to include and support transgender employees would be:

  • Provide gender-neutral bathroom options, people who identify as non-binary do not always feel comfortable using either the men’s or women’s facilities.
  • Offer training, maybe include a trans speaker to come and share some experiences.
  • Have trans-inclusive policies.

We still have a way to go in terms of fostering a truly inclusive environment and for many, this does include transgender employees, everyone in the workplace has the right to bring their whole selves to work, to be treated with respect, and to feel included within the organisation. To make them feel more included the employer must understand the barriers that transgender people have to surmount.

There needs to be zero tolerance of discrimination against transgender people and robust disciplinary means of dealing with the event should it ever occur, there is a minimum requirement to protect the rights of people of all gender identities, organisations need to also consider any subtle forms of discrimination and exclusion that can go on within the business.

In this age of social media and open debates, those businesses that ignore and push aside these topics, we must wish them luck to retain staff and reputation, not only this be up for a tribunal case!

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