At the end of any interview process, it really is crucial that you provide honest and constructive feedback to all the candidates that have been met, as most people invest so much time and effort into preparing for and attending an interview. Shawthorpe prep, and are in constant contact with the candidates as most are eager to know what their status is. Sometimes the delay in feedback is understandable however you must keep the feedback fresh in your mind to share your thoughts also, keeping candidates on the back foot can negatively impact their interest in your organisation, and can turn to displeasure which could cause the negative feedback reviews socially.

Protects Your Employer Brand

Whether or not you plan on taking them on or not, providing feedback will help portray your company in a positive light, while they may not be suitable, they may fit within the business later down the line for another position, Candidates are twice as likely to consider your business for a future opportunity when you offer them constructive positive feedback.

Poor interviewing with a company can damage your brand as an employer, as undoubtedly after any interview they will share the experience with friends and family, which potentially will depict an unfavourable image of your firm, damaging your brand as an employer, they could also leave negative feedback online or social media. Also not providing feedback can go as far as stating this is ‘ghosting’ a candidate and can have a significant impact on them individually.

Should you take some time to share feedback, ideally if you can provide a detailed account of the interview from your perspective, candidates are more likely going to share their positive experiences.

For the candidates that are unsuccessful, detailed feedback can help individuals recognise where they could have performed better and identify areas they did not do as well in.

Reasons Why Interview Feedback Matters

  • It keeps the shortlisted candidate more engaged which may convince them not to apply elsewhere.
  • Improves overall candidate experience and assists with building the brand
  • Professional courtesy and respect
  • Provides the candidate closure to move on to new opportunities
  • Reduces the risk of miscommunication
  • It maximizes the effectiveness of our recruiter & your talent acquisition team.
  • It is a professional courtesy to inform candidates of their feedback on time.
  • It is not time-consuming & the candidates tend to spread the word of mouth which would reflect on the reviews about the company.

If these strategies are met, this can really improve the hiring process and really optimise candidate experiences. Now more than ever you must differentiate yourselves as an employer of choice, and that is staying ahead of the competition and ensuring your brand stays strong.

Ideally, all employers should provide every interviewed candidate with feedback from an interview, provided it is honest and constructive. For confidential advice on providing feedback, or you require recruitment and or HR support contact our director Tracy Shaw on 01952 263973 or email tshaw@shawthorpe.co.uk.